Monday, February 19, 2007

Asbestos or Cement with that J.D., sir?

I sat adjacent to Lori and J.R. in one of my classes. Lori and I had eaten out away from the school on a few occasions. I found her to be pleasant. I was not particularly concerned with any ulterior motives she may have had for seeking my company. That Lori sought my company is the way it was, and it began at orientation.

Just to explain this, I had entered one of the orientation sessions and there were not very many seats left. Among the remaining open seats the woman in the seat next to this seat looked at me, smiled, and patted the armrest of this empty seat. I went and sat next to her. I then learned her name was Lori.

Professor Medina was hosting this orientation session. Oddly, part of her introduction was informing the group that she was in good shape. This was the first time I observed her effusiveness {crow-like flutterings accompanied by big smiles.} Professor Medina also had some comment about a second bite at an apple. The woman was slightly strange.

Moving along. I believe the following incident happened in my final semester. I believe Lori, J.R., and I sat in the same row in professor Rault’s evidence class. {We had also sat in the same row in the class of Harges, the criminal law scholar.) J.R. mentioned going out to lunch. The group was going to be him, Lori, me and a woman that I knew by name, but forget now. With a wink J.R. told me it had been all arranged. I attached no particular significance to this.

After the class was over we exited the building. The woman that was going to lunch with us met us in front of the building. The driving arrangements were discussed. It was decided that I would go with this woman and J.R. would go with Lori. I did not mind her driving. Generally, when I went to lunch with Lori, we took her car. She preferred this and I did not mind, so I had no objection to allowing this other woman to drive.

We arrived at the restaurant. There was a big puddle in front, about 15 feet across. The woman that I had driven with wondered aloud how she was going to get across. I told her to lift her arms slightly and I put my hands under her armpits and carried her across. I held her out in front of me. I was quite strong at the time.

We entered the restaurant and were seated. A conversation ensued in which I learned the woman’s husband was a doctor. Lori commented that this woman’s husband had made some small conversation about whether it would be preferable to eat cement or asbestos insulation. Lori looked at me and asked: “Would you rather eat cement or asbestos insulation?” I replied: “Asbestos, for the roughage.”

These people were just a barrel of laughs.

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