Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Privacy and DNA samples

I have previously touched on the following incident.

On or about February 5, 2003, Detective Jerry Mitchell of the Louisiana State Police visited me at my home in relation to series of murders in the Baton Rouge area. On the previous Friday two cars, presumably of Louisiana State Police, had been at my home. I was at work. According to one of my neighbors, these two cars had sat parked in front of my home for quite some time. When I had arrived home that evening, before I found Detective Mitchell's card in the door, my neighbor had hailed me and informed me of this. Detective Mitchell's card had a notation on it that he was investigating a series of murders.

I went on line to learn about the serial murders. I knew very little about them. I was able to discover the dates on which these women were murdered or last seen alive. I went to my file cabinet and started digging through my receipts. I was able to place myself about a hundred miles from the location of where one murder victim was found about an hour and a half before she was last seen.

Another murder victim, Pam Kinnison, I believe, had disappeared from her home, in the evening, on or about November 20, 2002. On this date I had been home most of the day except for went I went to Radio Shack or Auto Zone. I had put a new computer and pigtail in my pickup. I had to connect the wires from the pigtail to my existing wire harness. Rather than simply use crimp type connectors, I had elected to solder each wire connection together and cover each connection with shrink tube. I had been out in my driveway, working on my truck, from early in the afternoon until about midnight. I live in a neighborhood where the houses average 20 feet apart. My driveway is in the front. My neighbors had to see me out there.
After Detective Mitchell arrived at my home he began what I believe would be accurately described as a standard interview, which is a mild interrogation. I presented my receipts to him. He was curious as to why I had all these receipts. I explained to him that I had been a carpenter and saved my receipts for tax purposes.

He asked me my whereabouts on May 31, 2002. I did not have any receipts ready for this day as this date had not been reported as being a date {not that I had found) with any significance related to the serial murders. [However, it is likely that I was studying for law school exams on that date.] After Detective Mitchell left it occurred to me that this date represented some hold back information, that is, information law enforcement does not report for investigative purposes. Now, I believe that it is possible someone, likely Victoria McDaniel, with great specificity placed me in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area on that date. In hindsight, rather than present Detective Mitchell with any receipts I should have told him go screw himself as I had not been within 40 miles of Baton Rouge between the first week of December 2000 and around or about October 15, 2002. [I work and shop, practically live, in the opposite direction, that is, New Orleans.]

At or near the end of the interview Detective Mitchell asked me for a DNA sample which he wanted to collect from my mouth with a swab. I told him no. He retorted he could get a court order. I told him to go ahead, he had no probable cause. This is the reason for the title of this post. Not only had I not committed any serial murders, I have never committed any murder. Furthermore, I do not do anything that a sample of my DNA could be of interest or use to anybody. I was not about to give up anything just because some jackass from the Louisiana State Police wanted it.

I then told him about what had happened to me after I went to see Fred Defrancesh in the fall of the year 2000. I described the vehicle for him. I was attempting to give this idiot a heads up on what was going on here. If he had gotten my name from somebody, it was from a person that had an interest in having me cast in a false light. I suspected that Detective Mitchell was recording the conversation based on his apparent adjustment of something in his breast pocket inside his jacket. I think that it was a leather jacket.

In any event, after Detective Mitchell left I was greatly relieved. I now knew the who and the why of why people had been following me, I was a 'person of interest.' I did not know the why of why I had become a 'person of interest.' These people that had been following me had been doing so prior to the disappearance of Pam Kinnison. It occurred to me that it was a fact that Detective Mitchell would have known that not only did I not have anything to do with these serial murders, I generally did not even go in the direction of Baton Rouge.

This is when I decided to sue Victoria McDaniel. This lying slut must have had something to do with everything that had gone down in my life. It was just a matter of proving it. Little did I know at this time how corrupt the Louisiana Judiciary is.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. M.,

It sounds like Mrs. McDaniel/Monier/whatever ruined your life. When was the last time you saw her? Do you know where she is now? Do you think she is still doing things behind the scenes?

- A friend

Anonymous said...

I know Jerry Mitchell very well. Your intuition is correct. He is an asshole. He uses the same detective games on people in his personal life as well.