Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drive by PWNing

I often drive by Loyola Law School. Of course, in general I only do so when I am in the neighborhood. Driving by the place is a thrill in itself. The school is chock full of lawyers. Some of our sitting local judges graduated from Loyola Law School New Orleans. At least one of the local sitting judges, Derbigny, was a professor at Loyola Law when I was there and knew me by first name.

This law school, via the administration, faculty, staff, and students, caused to be disseminated in the local community a false picture of me. As I have previously stated, the police were around the school when I was expelled, and then on at least two more occasions when I was around thereafter. Some of the students at Loyola Law came from the local community. One of them, a beginning 1L when I became a 2L, was the daughter of an acquaintance of several years. I had actually done some construction on their home. The wife of his acquaintance dropped the daughter off in front of the school one day and the wife and I had the chance to speak. We had spoken before, but I had not seen her in a while. On this day she was as friendly as she had been in the past.

Within a few weeks of this conversation I had been thrown out. I can only speculate that news of my expulsion and the attendance of the police on this day may have spread through the student body. I have not spoken to this acquaintance or his wife again since. Our acquaintance had been through work, and sometime after I began law school the husband had left the company to begin his own.

I wonder whether news of the police being around when I was expelled reached this young woman. Did she go home and tell her parents? Was their perception that I must have done something?

The thrill of driving by is this: For all the power and connections this law school has, they can do nothing about me driving by it. Because if they try to get a restraining order they will have to state their reasons, which will then become a matter of public record.

Loyola University New Orleans
Loyola Law School
Lawrence Moore, S.J., Second Fellatist in Command

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